45th Central European Convention


On this page you can find details about all workshops at CECarinthia

Interactive case study that outlines how an efficient exchange cycle could be done compared to our classic exchange cycle (by  Reza Goldansaz, Kushagra Sharma, Valentina Carrasco Rosales, Olga Legacka, Dzhamshed Saidov (half day), Thomas Faltner (half day) )

Interactive case study that outlines how an efficient exchange cycle could be done compared to our classic exchange cycle : Nowadays the needs of employers and students has changed, and expectations have risen. Therfore the core business of our association, Exchange, requires a careful treatment, in order to satisfy our stakeholders. Do you think our current model (classic exchange) fulfills the nowadays world’s expectations? How can we move towards a more agile and intelligent process and develop as a world top exchange program? If you want to experience a different level of knowledge sharing, and get a glance of how the future of IAESTE working model can look like, and contribute to shaping of it, don’t miss this unique workshop! During this workshop, we will share how top exchange programs work (benchmarking), possibilities to be applied within our association (brainstorming), and successful case studies. 
1) How to get your committee a reliable business model that is crisis resistant (by Thomas Faltner and Dzhamshed Saidov)


2) Job raising for newbies (by Kinga Urbanek and Karolina Sergiel)


Job raising is one of the main areas of IAESTE’s activities, and every member should have some idea how to approach companies and raise offers. During this workshop, you will find out how to find worthy partners and maintain good business relationship. With and theoretical introduction and practical case-study tasks, this will be a perfect mix for a new and less experienced members.


3) Problem solving (Do I got 99 problems or is it just 1?) (by Max Kersten and Stefani Josifovska)


“Have you been faced with a problem lately?

You surely felt overwhelmed while looking for a solution “outside the box”. But how did you define the box in the first place? Or rather, did you define it at all?

Human nature drives us to look for improvised solutions right away, without taking a step back. By taking this workshop, you will realize that by really knowing the “box” you understand what you are actually trying to solve. You will surely walk out confident that in order to solve that one problem, you aren’t creating an additional 99 problems.”


4) How to help interns, newbies and event visitors find you. Marketing management cornerstones. (by Milan Solik)

Marketing is about helping people find you at the time when they need you. Learn how to think about your customers, IAESTE brand and different ways to reach and target students. We will talk about core principles, the basic marketing framework See-Think-Do-Care, tools you can use and how to measure your desired outcomes. We will apply new knowledge to kick off your next campaign.
5) How to become a workshop leader (by Jan Zajíček and Anıl Ayvaz)

As we need to continue to evolve as an organization, we definitely need more young workshop leaders. In this workshop, we will share our WS leading experience and tips to teach you how to share knowledge in the most effective and entertaining way. In general how to handle the topic selection, and workshop schedule, and also a bit about communication and working with the group.

6) Agile IAESTE Management (by Stefan Petrushevski and Filip Gjorgjevski)

Agile development is quite popular among technical teams, but it has practical use cases in many other fields, event planning being one of them. Many project management tools and processes have been created that are free and easy to use. Learn how you can apply these techniques when organizing an IAESTE event or project.

7) Rhetoric and Body Language (by Mark Feichtinger)

Be a people watcher. It may sound creepy, but what you will learn in this workshop is how you can understand the little messages another person sends you without them being aware of it. At least they are not aware of it the most times. We can use this knowledge to understand the other person better and to find the right words. The right words, what does that mean? This will be the second part of the workshop where we will have a look into communication and how we can speak more clearly and to the point.

8) Time management and personal effectiveness (by Elien Naert)

Do you have a mental breakdown when you think of your deadlines? Is the busy IAESTE life hard to combine with your student or professional life? Are you motivated to do and try things, but disappointed that you never find the time for it? Or do you find yourself distracted by social media?

Get ready for a speed training of tackle these problems with effective tools!

9) Let’s make money (by Anamarija Oršolić and Radovan Kouřil)

Is your LC struggling with money? Would you like to do more complex projects, but you don’t know how to fund them? Then, this workshop is the right choice for you! We will show you the way of raising money to build up your project portfolio. COVID definitely influenced our organization and we will show you an effective and innovative approach to how to deal with it. So when do you start with your first fundraising project?

10) Climate fresk (by Lisa Öller)

Climate change is affecting us all. It is gaining speed and threatens millions of lives all around the globe. This workshop – the Climate Fresk- is an interactive “serious game” based on the IPCCs’ reports which will help you to take a step back and understand the physics and consequences of climate change.. After getting some overview over the whole climate systems we will have an interactive discussion on how we as individuals and as society but also IAESTE as international association can contribute to a sustainable and climate friendly world. Because all the cards are in our hands!

1)  Student marketing and how to make students applying for internships (by Katerina Esnerova and Zuzana Hackova)
From students to students : How can more students learn about IAESTE as a door-opener to their future careers? What is IAESTE’s unique value proposition and how to share it across? This workshop will provide hands-on tools and approaches to strengthen marketing and communications efforts of IAESTE Committees and attract more students to the program. Branding, social media content tips, as well as building of communities of ambassadors among companies and universities will be the key topics. 
2)  Find Your Strengths! Insights about teamwork. (by Kinga Urbanek and Karolina Sergiel)

To succeed in this world, you need to work with other people. You are always part of a team. Teamwork is so important as it combines the talents and contributions of team members to create a win for your company. We have our way of thinking, individual beliefs, feelings, and methods of action, then translated into our reactions, behavior, or attitude. These are the components of our personality.  During this workshop, we will try to discuss the value of teamwork for individuals and the whole organization, like your Local Committee. We’ll look at the roles in the team and how this can improve your efficiency. The scope would be to identify the characteristics of good team players and successful teams.

3)  Running the (IAESTE) World 101 (by Valentina Preuhs and Jasmine Thekkumthott)


At IAESTE you will often be confronted with having to take over projects/events or anything that has to do with team coordination. Knowing how to lead your team but also not lose focus when sometimes no help is delivered, is one of the key points of this workshop. Participants will learn how to structure tasks efficiently, delegate but also step in when necessary. This knowledge will not only be beneficial for IAESTE work but also for any given career path and scenario where one has to lead others to a goal. 

4) Exchange for newbies (by Anamarija Oršolić and Linda Kolb)

Every year IAESTE sends about 3.000 trainees to over 80 countries around the world. IAESTE trainees get the opportunity to improve their language skills, develop a practical understanding of their field of study and have an impact on the society and culture in their receiving country. But how does the IAESTE exchange actually work?

Join our workshop and we will show you how the exchange magic happens. We will explain to you both sides – incoming and outgoing – so you will be ready to join the exchange team of your local committee. Also, here are our photos. =) Hope mine is OK, since I don’t have any professional ones.


5) PR: Let’s make it public!’ (by Gabriela Pastorková)

Participants will learn about what PR and marketing are, the tools in PR, and the brand manual. We will also get access to tools that help us, such as the IAESTE Marketing Guide, Canva, etc. This is followed by a practical part, where the participants will use the acquired information in practice, by creating a campaign for internships/recruitment in smaller groups. The main goal of this workgroup is to exchange knowledge and improve each other’s PR capabilities.


6) Soothing minds of first-time travellers (by Bartosz Dudziak)

If you plan to go for an internship in the future, do attend by all means – you might find some useful insights, besides the laid-back atmosphere. We will skim through the topic of culture shock which could get to you seemingly out of nowhere. Discuss strategies of coping with travel related-stress and situations that ‘would never happen to me’ (until they do).

This workshop’s aim is to exchange knowledge of all the tips and tricks that could help you during your future (or previous) internships and travels. You can expect some moderate amounts of knowledge dumping just to get everybody on the same page in the first few minutes. Come by and together we might save a fellow IAESTEr from experiencing emotional turmoil on the other side of the world.


7) Branding – for IAESTE and for yourself (by Kevin Meister and Stefani Josifovska)

Branding is related to more than just the Brand Manual: big companies are actively using branding in their commercials, you can further establish your LC at your university, and you can also stand out from other applicants in your professional career – be it in your CV, the personality and the everyday worklife. Learn how to brand everything, including yourself, on our workshop at #CECarinthia


8) Mindfulness and self-organization (by Kevin Feichtinger)

Life is hectic, isn’t it? There are so many things to take care of and work for. Many of us use tools and techniques to bring more structure into our daily life. But sometimes, despite all the structure, there seems to be too much to do. In this workshop, we will take a critical look at these tools and techniques and will discuss how we have to approach work differently. Also, we will investigate how we can decompress before, after and even during stressful situations.