45th Central European Convention


Dear IAESTE Alumni!

It’s sadly been a while since we had the chance to meet up. Therefore we decided that this year’s 45th CEC in Velden, Austria was a great chance to co-locate an Alumni Conference in order to finally see each other again.

To give you as much opportunity to meet old friends and network, we didn’t want to create a tight schedule, but to keep it as free as possible.

Nevertheless, we would like to ask a small favor of you: during the last 2 years a lot of knowledge got lost and what better way than an Alumni to teach you some great IAESTE know-how – therefore we would be extremely thankful for workshops held by super cool IAESTE Alumni! 😀

… but before we start to reminisce about the good old times, we’d like to give you a few hard facts:

  • participation fee: 105€ (50% discount if you hold 1 workshop, 100% discount if you hold 2 workshops)

  • pre conference hiking tour is available

  • on Friday and Sunday you’ll join all the program points of the CEC

  • on Saturday, there’s of course the international evening, but before that we have a little program for you: in the morning you can either hold a workshop, attend a workshop or take part in the alternative alumni program; in the afternoon we’d like to do a separate alumni program, although we don’t want to keep you from giving/attending workshops 😉

  • you’ll get your 610348324th IAESTE event shirt 😀

The registration itself will be incorporated into the CEC registration form, so just have a look at the registration menu.

See you soon in Velden!!