46th CEC in Austria

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About CEC

What is CEC?

The Central European Convention is the major international event of the Central European Region happening twice every year. Members of all CER countries meet to learn from each other and discuss future plans.

History of CEC

The first Central European Convention (CEC) was held in May 1998 in Tuheljske Toplice, Croatia, on the initiative of Thomas Haim, former National Secretary IAESTE Austria, and Mario Kauzlaric, former National Secretary IAESTE Croatia. Because of the great success, the CEC is being held two times a year, in a rotation schedule - so each country will organize the event every three years.


The Central European Region is a communication platform from 10 countries, to strengthen the collaboration between the member countries of IAESTE and help each other to reach the aims and mission of IAESTE Asbl, through organizing workshops for the members of the LCs and work together on international projects.


IAESTE Since 1948 IAESTE has been providing young science and engineering students from around the world with paid, course related work experience. Similarly, IAESTE has been a source of high quality trainees for companies and institutions in more than 80 countries worldwide.
In IAESTE we are committed to fostering international understanding and impacting on the development of young people through international exchange. Our core values of friendship, trust, respect, professionalism, development and intercultural cooperation serve as a foundation for our strong organisational culture and as the principles that guide all our work and daily activities.

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